History, Mission and Goals

CERZOS is a research institute of CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina) and integrates a Technological Science Centre (CCT-Bahía Blanca) at Bahía Blanca in Buenos Aires Province.

CERZOS was created in 1980 by agreement between CONICET and the Universidad Nacional del Sur (National University of the South), and is oriented to agricultural research, with emphasis on the sustainable aspects and productivity of ecological systems in the semi-arid cultivated and non-cultivated region of Argentina. Biotechnological research projects were also incorporated in the early nineties; since then, new research groups have been consolidated in this area.

An important goal of the Institute is the development of young researchers through course lectures at the pre- and post-graduate level and thesis direction. Most of the professors belong to the Departments of Agronomy and Biology of the Universidad Nacional del Sur. They possess high academic qualification, sustained scientific production, and participate in scientific exchange activities and knowledge transfer services to producers. Presently, the Institute has 33 researchers who supervise 52 theses for 67 scholarship holders (CIC, CONICET, ANPCYT) and other post-graduate students. Numerous graduate students from other Argentinian universities find CERZOS an important base to continue their academic growth. Our Masters and Doctorate programs were the first in Argentina to address sustainable productivity in semi-arid zones. The success in forming human resources is due to the excellence of the researchers and the existing integration between CERZOS and the noted Academic Departments of the Universidad Nacional del Sur.

Research areas

El CERZOS trabaja en las siguientes líneas de trabajo de Investigación (a cada línea corresponde la letra L seguida de un número):

Line of work 1- Plant Populations and Genetic Resources

Line of work 2- Forage Grass Genomics

Line of work 3- Cereal Biotechnology

Line of work 4- Biotechnology and Technology of Bulbous Plant Species

Line of work 5- Biotecnology of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Line of work 6- Industrial Microbiology and Food

Line of work 7- Diversity, Ecology and Biotechnology of Filamentous Micromycetes

Line of work 8- Cell Biology and Biotechnology of Algae

Line of work 9- Plant Ecophysiology. Crop Plant Adaptation to Stress

Line of work 10- Weed Ecology and Management

Line of work 11- Soil Chartography, Precision Agriculture and Soil Quality

Line of work 12- Soil Microbiology

Line of work 13- Rangeland Ecology and Management

Line of work 14- Animal Production in Semiarid Lands


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