PIDr. Alejandro Presotto
Adjunct Researcher, CONICET
Associate Professor,
Department of Agronomy, UNS


This group studies the role of crop-wild hybridization in the evolution of weeds in Argentina and the persistence of crops or wild-like traits in different environments (e.g. ruderal vs. agrestal). On the other hand, the growing global demand for food is a challenge under a climate change scenario, where drought and high temperature conditions are becoming more frequent, which threat grain production in different regions of the world. Thus, this group also explores the variability of wild populations (e.g. tolerance to drought and heat stresses) to obtain genetic resources for crop breeding.

Research lines

  • Evolution of crop-wild relations in the agroecosystem
  • Identification of valuable traits in wild populations for crop improvement

Recent publications

  • Vercellino R., Hernández F., Pandolfo C., Cantamutto M., Presotto A. (2021). Ecological fitness cost associated with the AHAS Trp574Leu mutation in feral Raphanus sativusWeed Research 61: 210-220.
  • Vercellino R., Pandolfo C., Cantamutto M., Presotto A. (2021). Interference of feral radish (Raphanus sativus) resistant to AHAS-inhibiting herbicides in oilseed rape, wheat and sunflower crops. International Journal of Pest Management. Publicado on line 6 agosto.
  • Hernández F., Vercellino R., Fanna I., Presotto A. (2021). Maternal control of early life history traits affects overwinter survival and seedling phenotypes in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Plant biology 23: 307-316.
  • Torres Carbonell F, Ureta S., Pandolfo C., Presotto A. (2020). Molecular characterization of imidazolinone-resistant Brassica rapa x B. napus hybrids. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192: 746.
  • Renzi JP., Chantre G., Smýkal P., Presotto A,. Zubiaga L., Garayalde A., Cantamutto M. (2020). Diversity of naturalized hairy vetch (Vicia villosa Roth) populations in central Argentina as a source of potential adaptive traits for breeding. Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 189. DOI:10.3389/fpls.2020.00189.
  • Presotto A., Hernández F., Casquero M., Vercellino R., Pandolfo C., Poverene M., Cantamutto M. (2020). Seed bank dynamics of an invasive alien species, Helianthus annuus Journal of Plant Ecology 13, 313–322.
  • Hernández F., Poverene M., Mercer K., Presotto A. (2020). Genetic variation for the tolerance to extreme temperatures in wild and cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus) during early vegetative phases. Crop and Pasture Science 71, 578-591.
  • Hernández, F., Presotto, A., Poverene, M. Mandel, J. (2019). Genetic diversity and population structure of wild sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) in Argentina: reconstructing its invasion history. Journal of Heredity 110, 746-759.
  • Hernández, F., Poverene, M., Garayalde, A. Presotto, A. (2019). Re-establishment of latitudinal clines and local adaptation within the invasive range suggest rapid evolution of seed traits in Argentinean sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). Biological Invasions 21, 2599–2612.
  • Presotto, A., Hernández, F. and  Mercer, K. (2019). Phenotypic selection under two contrasting environments in wild sunflower and its crop-wild hybrid. Evolutionary Applications 12, 1703-1717.
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  • Hernández, F., Poverene, M. Presotto, A. (2018). Heat stress effects on reproductive traits in cultivated and wild sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.): evidence for local adaptation within the wild germplasm. Euphytica 214:146.
  • Vercellino, R., Pandolfo, C., Breccia, G., Cantamutto, M.  Presotto, A. (2018). AHAS Trp-574-Leu substitution in Raphanus sativus L.: screening, enzyme activity and fitness cost. Pest. Management Science 74, 1600-1607.
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  • Ureta, M., Torres Carbonell, F., Pandolfo, C., Presotto, A., Cantamutto, M. Poverene M. 2017. IMI resistance associated to crop-weed hybridization in a natural Brassica rapa population: characterization and fate. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 189, 101 (DOI: 10.1007/s10661-016-5760-y).
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  • Presotto, A., Pandolfo, C., Poverene, M. Cantamutto, M. (2016). Can achene selection in sunflower crop–wild hybrids by pre-dispersal seed predators hasten the return to phenotypically wild sunflowers? Euphytica 208, 453-462.
  • Pandolfo, C., Presotto, A., Moreno, F., Dossou, I., Migasso, J.P., Sakima, E. Cantamutto, M. (2016). Broad resistance to AHAS-inhibiting herbicides in feral radish (Raphanus sativus L.) populations from Argentina. Pest Management Science 72, 354-361.
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  • PICT 2017-0473 “Bases agroecológicas de la evolución de malezas emparentadas con los cultivos” IR: Alejandro Presotto.
  • PGI 24/A244 “Mecanismos de evolución de malezas emparentadas con los cultivos y estrategias de control” IR: Alejandro Presotto.
  • PICT 2019-00581 “Detrás del origen de las malezas: complejos arroz y colza como casos de estudio” IR: Alejandro Presotto.
  • PICT 2019-00722 “Bases moleculares de la tolerancia a estrés térmico en girasol cultivado” IR: Fernando Hernández.
  • PGI 24/A259 “Evaluación de recursos genéticos y biodiversidad, la base para un mejoramiento sustentable” IR: Soledad Ureta.

National and International Collaborations

Gene flow and evolution of weediness in crop wild relatives:

Pre-breeding for abiotic stress tolerance:

  • Verónica Lía, Instituto de Agrobiotecnología y Biología Molecular-INTA, Argentina
  • Jennifer Mandel, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Memphis, USA   http://mandel-lab.org
  • John Burke, Department of Plant Biology, University of Georgia, USA http://www.theburkelab.org
  • Paula Fernández, Instituto de Agrobiotecnología y Biología Molecular-INTA, Argentina
  • Sebastián Moschen, Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Famaillá-INTA, Argentina

Group Members

Dr. Soledad Ureta
Associate Professor,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Dr. Claudio Pandolfo

Assistant Researcher, CONICET
Adjunct Professor,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Dr. Boris Vercellino

Postdoctoral Fellow, CONICET
Teaching Assistant,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Dr. Fernando Hernández
Postdoctoral Fellow, CONICET
Teaching Assistant,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Mg. Francisco Torres Carbonell

Teaching Assistant,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Agricultural Eng. Sofía Tillería
Doctoral Fellow, CONICET

Mg. Juan Pablo Renzi
Researcher, National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)
Adjunct Professor,
Department of Agronomy, UNS

Dr. Miguel Cantamutto
Researcher, CERZOS
Professor, Department of Agronomy, UNS

Agricultural Eng. Ignacio Fanna
Doctoral Fellow, CONICET