PI: Dr. Paula Pratolongo
Independent Researcher, CONICET.
Adjunct  Professor, Dpt. Biology, Biochem.and Pharmacy, UNS
Bachelor and Ph.D. in Biological Scs., UBA



We study ecosystems holistically, aiming to develop management, restoration and conservation tools and strategies for the natural resources and ecosystems services in Bahía Blanca and its influence area. Our projects include different aspects on biology and ecology of natural grasslands, agricultural ecosystems, coastal wetlands and costal-marine of the south-west of Buenos Aires Province.

Lines of Research

  • Grassland ecology: we study the impact of different disturbances, like grazing, fire or drought, on natural grasslands composition in terms of species identity and functional composition.  
  • Grassland restoration: we are studying grassland restoration and enhancement techniques with native species to improve cattle production and biodiversity conservation.  
  • Productivity in agricultural-livestock landscape: we study the biology and ecology of palatable and unpalatable species that affect cattle production.  
  • Carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands: we quantify sequestration routes and changes in organic carbon in coastal wetland and tidal flats  
  • Chlorophyll dynamics in the southern coastal ecosystem of Buenos Aires province (Argentina): we used concentration of chlorophyll a as a proxy to evaluate coastal water productivity in south Buenos Aires Province and its relationship with artisanal fishery.  
  • Quantitative remote sensing: we develop tools of quantitative teledetection for monitoring ecosystems services and functioning in terrestrial and coastal environments of south west Buenos Aires province.  

Recent publications

  • Reyna Gandini, L, Funk FA, Pratolongo PD. (2023) Change in the community structure and organic carbon content of meio- and macrobenthos between tidal flat and salt marsh areas colonized by Spartina alterniflora in the Bahía Blanca estuary (SW Atlantic). Scientia Marina 87: e073.
  • Delgado, Ana L.; Hernández Carrasco, Ismael; Combes, Vincent; Font Muñoz, Joan; Pratolongo, Paula D.; Basterretxea, Gotzon (2023) Patterns and Trends in Chlorophyll‐a Concentration and Phytoplankton Phenology in the Biogeographical Regions of Southwestern Atlantic. Journal of Geophysical Research 128: e2023JC019865.
  • Toledo S, L Yahdjian, VF Bondaruk, GR Oñatibia, A Loydi, J Alberti, M Bruschetti, J Pascual, G Peter, W Agüero, PR Namur, L Blanco, P Peri (2023) Environmental factors regulate soil microbial attributes and their response to drought in rangeland ecosystems. Science of the Total Environment 892: 164406.
  • Bondaruk VF, GR Oñatibia R Fernández, W Agüero, L Blanco, M Bruschetti, A Kröpfl, A Loydi, J Pascual, G Peter, P Peri, RE Quiroga, L Yahdjian (2022) Forage provision is more affected by extreme droughts in arid and semi-arid than in mesic rangelands. Journal of Applied Ecology 59: 2404-2418.
  • Arena, Maximiliano; Pratolongo, Paula; Delgado, Ana Laura; Celleri, Carla; Vitale, Alejandro (2022) Spatial and temporal distribution of satellite turbidity in response to different environmental variables in the Bahía Blanca Estuary, South-Western Atlantic. International Journal of Remote Sensing 43: 3714 – 3743.
  • Celleri C, Pratolongo PD, Arena M. (2021) Spatial and temporal patterns of soil salinization in shallow groundwater environments of the Bahía Blanca Estuary: Influence of topography and land use. Land Degradation and Development. DOI: 10.1002/ldr.4162.
  • Delgado AL, Pratolongo PD, Dogliotti, AI, Arena M, Celleri C, Cardona JEG, Martinez A. (2021) Evaluation of modis-aqua and olci chlorophyll-a products in contrasting waters of the southwestern Atlantic ocean Ocean and Coastal Research 69: e21007.
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  • Delgado, A., Pratolongo, P., Zapperi, G., Dogliotti, A., Guinder, V. (2019) Validation of MODIS-Aqua bio-optical algorithms of phytoplankton absorption coefficient in the optically complex waters of El Rincón (Argentina). Continental Shelf Research 73: 86 - 173. 
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- Low palatability forages in semiarid regions. Species replacement in grasslands, consumption stimulation and nutritional value enhancement. PGI-UNS, 2017-2020. PI: Roberto Distel.

- Natural grassland restoration using native species in Southwest of Buenos Aires province. PICT 2018-0795, ANPCYT. PI: Alejandro Loydi.

- Response of grassland from pampean region to extreme drought. PGI-2019, UNS. PI: Alejandro Loydi.

National and International Collaborations

  • Faculty of Agronomy, UBA, Argentina
  • Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina
  • National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), Argentina
  • Juan Villalba, Utah State University, USA
  • Scott Collins, Biology Department, University of New Mexico, USA
  • Drought Net – International drought network, Colorado University, USA
  • Tobias Donath, Landscape Ecology Group, Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany
  • Annette Otte, Landscape Ecology and Landscape Management, Justus-Liebig University, Germany


PI: Dr. Alejandro Loydi
Adjunct Researcher, CONICET
Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacy, UNS
Bachelor and Ph.D. in Biological Scs., UNS

 Group Members

Dr. Flavia Funk
Bachelor and Ph.D. in Biological Scs., UNS.
Asistant Researcher, CONICET.
Teaching Assistant,Department of Biology, Biochemistry and Pharmacy, UNS

Lic. Cecilia Scarfó 
Bachelor in Biological Scs., UNS
Ph.D. Candidate, CONICET

Lic. D. Aylén Rodríguez
Licenciate in Biological Scs., UNS
Ph.D. candidate, CONICET
Dra Cecilia Scarfó
Mg. Lic. Clara Milano
Licenciate in Biological Scs., UNS
Magister in Agricultural Scs., UNS
Ph.D. candidate, CONICET

Lic Clara Milano

Lic. Maximiliano Arena
Licenciate in Oceanography, UNS
Ph.D. candidate, CONICET

Bernardo Deluchi
Technician, CONICET

Diego Bambozzi
Technician, CONICET
Ingeniero Agrónomo (UNS).
Técnico superior en suelos y aguas (UNS).

Visiting Scientist

Alois Fundneider, MSc.
Laimburg Research Centre. 
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Italy.


Dr. Carla Celleri
Área de Desarrollos y Soluciones Ambientales, de la Gerencia de Vinculación Tecnológica de la Agencia Espacial Argentina. CONAE, Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina.

Dr Andrés García
Postdoc Fundación Alexander von Humboldt. Institute for Natural Resource Conservation Department of Landscape Ecology. Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Alemania